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10 Things Buyers Look For In A Home

David Letterman’s Top 10 Lists generally result with a number 1 ranking, however the following list is assembled in no specific order 10 things that are essential to purchasers today, particularly Millennials who represent to a huge buyer niche in today’s real estate market.

The Quality of the Neighborhood – The National Association of Realtor’s 2012 Profile of Buyers and Sellers uncovered that neighborhoods are truly important to buyers, however the neighborhood choice varies by household composition.

Convenience to The Place of Employment – Commuting is an essential evil, but homes that are near work improve work-life balance, a developing priority for numerous home buyerAmericans, particularly Millennials.

The Affordability of Homes – With job markets still currently tight and retirement funds drained or dissolved because of the Recession, it has never been more critical to keep housing related expenses as low as possible, ideally no more than one third of your pre-tax income.

Schools – A recent study by uncovered that almost 45 percent of today’s purchasers are eager to pay a pretty penny for quality schools

Homes Suited For The Following 15 Years – Just five years back, buyers were looking to stay in their home in the range of 10 years. Today, home buyers hope to stay closer to 15, so its important to find a home that can uphold lifestyles as they advance through that time period.

A Mortgage – In today’s tight credit atmosphere, getting a mortgage can definitely be a test. Buyers ought to be eager to think about homes beneath what they might qualify for so as to knock up the loan to value ratio.

Energy Efficiency – The National Association of Homebuilders studied buyers to see what was most important to them in new home development and energy efficiency bested the agenda. Four of the top most desired characteristics include saving energy: 94 percent of home purchasers need energy-star appraised appliances, and 91 percent need an energy- star rating for the entire home, 89 percent need energy-star evaluated windows, and 88 percent need roof fans.

Open Floor Plans – Spaces that are incredible for entertaining mean quality time with loved ones, something particularly vital to Gen Y.

High Ceilings – Higher ceilings are not just stylishly satisfying in that they impart a grandness to the home, they additionally push more air flow and more natural light than lower ceilings.

Technology – Can you run your home from your mobile phone? At that point, market to a Millennial, who prizes a homes’ innovative civilities prized over control request.

What are YOU looking for in a home? Did we leave something off the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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