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4 “First Steps” when buying a Central Oregon home

  1. Start saving money now. Create a budget, even a very simple one, and start sticking to it. It is a great practice and it will help you understand your financial situation better and help prepare you to buy your home quicker.
  2. Consider the added costs. Once you begin looking into the “costs” of owning a home, it can get a bit daunting. We would not suggest searching the internet for this information, rather, ask someone with experience that you trust. These additional costs include things like maintenance and taxes.
  3. Check your credit score. There are many services that can help, but an experienced mortgage loan officer is a good place to go. You may feel like you aren’t ready for this step, but there is no better way to get a detailed understanding of what you can afford. Just be up front and ask the following questions…
    1. What is the best way to check my credit score?
    2. What loan options do I have?
    3. If you are a first time buyer, ask if they have any loan options specific to first time buyers. (tip – if they say no, ask around)
  4. Get a professional Realtor in your corner. We are clearly biased, but the best way to make sure all of these things are done well, is to have the advice of an experienced Realtor guiding you through every step. They can help you find the answers to all of the above questions. Best way to find a good agent?
    1. Google – best real estate agent in Bend. This will help you find a few agents to pick from.
    2. Look for a team with a long history of happy clients and, most importantly, recent experience. Markets change quickly, so you need current market knowledge on your side.
    3. Ask a trusted friend or family member.
    4. Call a few and ask them some questions about their experience.

Buying a home is clearly a big deal. But there are many ways to make the experience a bit easier and less intimidating. Developing a good understanding of the costs, your options, and finding professionals to help you, are some of the best “first steps” you can take.

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