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5 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Ideas

5 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Ideas

Have everything on hand before you start:
Large items like custom or special order tile can take weeks to be delivered. Before you tear anything out of your bathroom make sure the things you’ve bought or pick up are going to fit and work where you need them. It might be frustrating waiting around for your fixtures, but it’s better than an unusable bathroom!

Plan for shower storage:
If you’re redoing your shower/ tub, you might want to create built in shower storage. It will help give the shower a more clean and organized look. Don’t settle for big plastic hanging storage baskets. Once you tear out the old shower, add framing between the studs in the walls. The finished storage shelves, especially if tiled, looks very attractive and doesn’t protrude.

Use accent tiles:
Accent tiles are a great and very inexpensive way to add more pizzazz to the bathroom. A little goes a long way! Even just a small amount makes a big difference. Use the accent tiles as a border to give your new shower much more character!

Curved shower rod:
Curved shower rods actually help add more space to your shower. You’ll pay a little more compared to a standard rod. But in addition to more space, curved rods look nice and attach to the wall with screws instead of tension. So they’ll never be accidentally knocked down!

Update the lighting:
Lighting in any part of the house, makes a huge difference. From the style of the light fixture to the amount of light in a room, light really changes the look of a room! Make sure your bathroom has nice looking fixtures that complement the style of your bathroom. It’s an easy update that makes a huge difference.



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  • My partner and I are moving to a smaller apartment this year and we need to remodel the bathroom. Your article has some great tips about bathroom remodel ideas. Seriously, thanks for sharing this bathroom remodel tips. I enjoyed it. Keep it up.

  • I like your bathroom tips. I need to get a remodeler for my house. The bathroom hasn’t been renovated in years.

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