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5 Things to Look for When Buying Your First home


One of the most important things to look out for when purchasing a home is of course, the location! This is such an important factor because once you are set on your location, you can’t change it. A few pieces of advice, make sure you are close to the things that matter to you, maybe that’s work, a park, shopping, family, or other services. Just give it a little thought before you settle down. Another more practical piece of advice is to go by the home at different times of the day and see what happens in the area in the morning, afternoon and evening. Try driving by in the morning, and taking a walk in the neighborhood later in the day so you can get a different perspective. Finally, pay attention to things that may be negatives to you or the future buyer of your home. Things like road noise or disheveled neighbors are not the end of the world, but you want to be aware and make sure you know what you are buying and factor that in when you make an offer. An experienced agent can help with that.

Curb appeal

In my opinion, this one isn’t too terribly important, so don’t get too caught up in it. Here’s why.. You can always add flowers, chairs, plants, lawn care, paint etc. Honestly you can pretty significantly improve the property by adding to the curb appeal. So make sure the potential is at least there if it doesn’t currently look the way you want it to.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

The bedrooms and bathrooms are a little more obvious, You’ll need something to accommodate your needs now and in the future. Do you have the space you need? Will you need that home office? Do the kids need a space to get crazy without being right on top of you? Just think it through and give some thought to the next 5 years of your life. What will things potentially look like, then try to plan accordingly. That isn’t always easy to do, but again, just give it a little thought and see what makes the most sense for you now and at least a little ways into the future.

Floor plans

Honestly this is another one that you should not get too caught up in at first. This is most likely not your forever home, so make sure it fits the space you need and your budget and get moving on it. Very few first homes are big and bright, perfect for entertaining, and fit the white picket fence dreams we all have. Find a floor-plan that fits and make it yours. In most cases getting into a home that fits your budget and allows you to build equity at a reasonable rate is the best type of plan to focus on.

Windows and lighting

The windows and lighting are more personal preference. If it’s something really important to you, I would make sure you consider the position of the home in relation to the sun, trees, and other structures in your immediate area. Where is the sun in the morning and evening? Do I have shade trees where I want them? Does the neighbor’s home block more light than I like? Just look around a bit and give it some thought while you are inside. 

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