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6 Things to Be Aware of Before Putting in Your Offer

Buying a home is an exciting, and sometimes nerve-wrecking process.  If you’re like the rest of us who have ever moved too quickly on a deal, only to realize there was a lot more going on under the surface than you bargained for, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before you put that offer in on your dream home:

Is the location right for you?

Is the neighborhood and surrounding area conducive to your needs and desires? Are there reputable schools in the area? How long is the commute to work? Will the neighbors barking dog be keeping you up all night? These are things that many of us forget to ask until it’s too late.

What is the condition of the exterior of the home?

How many years does the roof have left in it? Is the siding up to date and secure? What about the foundation of the home? No one wants to drop $5,000 on a new roof 6 months after move in!

What is the status of your indoor plumbing/electrical?

Is the plumbing updated? What about electrical? Make sure it’s safe and up to code to prevent future emergencies.

How will the weather affect your home in every season?

Is there adequate drainage in the event of flooding or heavy rainfall? Can the roof handle the weight of heavy snow or will you be battling ice dams?

What will it take to maintain the interior and exterior of your home, and are you willing to do it?

Are you willing to mow that 2.5 acres of green grass every week? Will you be dusting off your 12-foot ladder to clean those second story windows or will you be calling a local window cleaner? Consider how paying for carpet cleaning or hard wood floor restoration will affect your home improvement budget if you have pets or small children.

Does the home have the appropriate permits for your building plans? How will that affect a future sale of your home?

Make sure before breaking ground on that master bedroom addition that your home is properly permitted for add-ons. Consider how the permit status will impact a future sale. Some loans don’t allow for additional structures, so make sure you are fully up to speed in that department.

Buying a home can be overwhelming, but if done right, you should have a smooth and easy transition into the house of your dreams!


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