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7 Tips to Help You Find Your Perfect Real Estate Agent

7 Tips on Finding a Real Estate Agent in Central Oregon That Will Actually Meet Your Needs

Selling or buying a home is likely to be one of the biggest financial transactions of your life. This makes it crucial to find a qualified agent!

Whether you are buying or selling…


1. Don’t only meet with agents in your home, but meet in their place of business – see how they work, interact with others, and even keep their office and work space.


2. Find an agent with experience relevant to your needs. It can help tremendously to work with a buyer’s agent, if you are buying, or a listing agent, if you are selling. These agents specialize, it’s like going to a specialist for a medical need rather than a general practitioner.


3. Ask around – online or with friends/family. If others had a good result with a particular agent or team, you probably will too.


4. Have a marketing-minded and tech-savvy agent. A huge number of prospective buyers start their searches online. Which means, in today’s market, your agent needs to be able to properly expose your home online, if you’re selling. Or be able to stay on top of a constantly moving market, if you’re buying.


5. Make sure your agent is knowledgeable about the area. Local knowledge is particularly critical and your agent should be able to answer important questions about the community. This way they can do their best to prevent you from making a mistake or missing an opportunity.


6. Find an agent with an experienced team around him/her. Not only other real estate professionals, but mortgage lenders, inspectors, etc.


7. How’s their communication? The largest cause of issues during real estate transactions is lack of quality communication. Find an agent you can talk to and be honest with and that will do the same in return. It is be a bumpy road, but communication always helps to smooth it out.


Whether you’re staying or selling, knowing the value of your home can be very beneficial. You might be selling your home, refinancing, making improvements, or getting a line of credit, you should always be-in-the-know.

If you’ve been thinking of doing any of those things with your home, check out our up-to-date Central Oregon home sales estimator tool that tells you what price your home will sell for based on neighborhood sales data.

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