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8 Things That Set Team Birtola Apart

  1. Team – We are a group of trained professionals that work together. Our office is not a collection of competitive independent contractors that, at the end of the day, are working for the same paychecks. We are a team that collaborates constantly and serves selflessly.
  2. Learning – We know we don’t know everything and work hard to constantly improve. Weekly training, sharing good & bad experiences, and independently throughout our transactions, we strive to get better daily.
  3. Customization – We are ready, willing, and able to go above and beyond for you and your property. We know every client, situation, and property are different, and one size does not fit all. We are eager to get creative to truly serve our clients, and we have fun doing it. We are completely prepared for the extra time, energy, and money it will take to ensure you have the best possible experience. 
  4. Critical Thinking – We are a group that welcomes outside-the-box thinking. We have the capacity to think things through, formulate plans, and execute them.
  5. Communication – We pride ourselves in our communication. At its core, our job is to communicate. We practice this, learn from our mistakes, and do our very best to adapt to each individual situation.
  6. Reputation – We have worked hard over the last 20+ years to develop and preserve a positive reputation. It is important to us. We have and will do what it takes to keep our standards high and our clients thoroughly and professionally served.
  7. Local – We are a local company with ties to the many communities we serve. We have been trusted by these communities and want to always be worthy of that trust, as well as give back.
  8. Experience – We have over 100 years of experience within our team, but more importantly over 5000 transactions under our belt. Each is an education in itself, we work to intentionally learn from them all, and have consistently done business from Madras to La Pine, from Sisters to Prineville and beyond.

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