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Bend Park – Bend, OR

Bend Park is one of the largest recreational areas in Oregon, and is even one of the sites that were visited by explorers on the Oregon Trail.

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History of Bend Park

This area is covered in historical landmarks for those that are interested in how the area came to be. Most of the historical landmarks inform visitors about the importance of this area for those that traveled the Oregon Trail.

In fact, you can still see many of the ruts from trailers that were pulled during the Oregon Trail, showing visual proof of the area’s significance.


One of the most popular things people do here is camp over the weekend or during the summertime. With such a scenic view and so much to do as you travel over 48 miles of trails and visit some of the 71 parks, this would be the perfect place to escape the real world for a while.

There are currently 550 recreational programs going on in the area that you can look into for even more fun!

Sporting Activities

If you find enjoyment through competitive activities, there are plenty of sports that go on in the area that you can try out. There is a sand volleyball court for those interested in volleyball.


If shooting hoops is your thing, check out some of the basketball courts and play with other campers. A more relaxing game could be something like horseshoes, which is also available.

Deschutes River

The Deschutes River runs through this area and is quite popular for people that visit here. You can have the option of going on a relaxing float down some of the calm parts of the river, or you can race the rapids in an exciting kayak ride.

The parks feature maps and safe areas that you can travel down the Deschutes on and even offer shuttles that can guide you. It is important that you know all the safety tips and guidelines before going down the Deschutes, as it can be a dangerous place if you do not know the geography well.


The parks constantly have ongoing projects within them that work to improve the park for visitors. One of these projects is a bridge that will be constructed on the Colorado Dam that is designed to help visitors cross the river easily and safely, opening up more opportunity to explore additional recreational activities.

It will also be a cool experience for many people to walk that high up over the river. Another project revolves around Mirror Pond, which has had a silt build-up for quite some time. They are working to clear this problem and make the pond fresh again.

Bend Park is a fun and relaxing way to escape the real world and chill out for a while. There are endless activities to try out and tons of people to interact and play games with. Get a pass today and enjoy yourself!