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Broken Top – Bend, Oregon

If you have recurring dreams about living on the “edge” there’s a location just a stones throw outside the city of Bend, Oregon that will fit the bill; just writing about this unique spot is enough to send chills up your back. We’re talking about an extinct, glacially eroded “stratovolcano” called Broken Top near the famous Three Sisters peaks within the southern Cascade Mountain range 20 miles west of Bend, Oregon.

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Eruption activity ceased 100,000 years ago, so you can feel safe in joining the Broken Top homeowner crowd, get settled in your new home, and consider the option of hiking the wilderness by yourself or with new friends. Maybe even notify family you left back in that other state that you went hiking and spent the night in a tent, on a volcano.

And yes, you can get a free permit to do so, for day or an overnight stay, from Memorial Day through Halloween from the Sisters Ranger District or McKenzie Ranger District.

Is The Broken Top Development Part Of The City Of Bend?

Yes Broken Top is what you might consider a “bedroom community” of Bend with the same zip code of 97702. But you won’t find any homes on the volcano. Broken Top is also a premier gated golf course as well. Here you’ll be able to check out custom built single family homes and town homes where, unlike a condo, you own the land.

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Many of the homes surround one of the most magnificent championship golf courses in the state. The city of Bend, Oregon is also unique in itself. Not many small or medium size cities have a river running right through the downtown area; the city of Bend, Oregon does.

Actually several hotels and motels sit adjacent to the Deschutes River, which creates an atmosphere like no other. It’s like hearing the pounding waves of the Pacific Ocean lulling you to sleep at the right time. Without a doubt this is affordable, luxury living at its best.

What About Access To Amenities If I Buy A Townhome In Broken Top?

Even in the winter with snow on the ground being within the city limits of Bend will allow easy access to schools, churches, major shopping outlets, fine dining, cleverly designed and award winning brew-pubs. And if you’re up for it, walking and hiking is not unheard of either.

In terms of Broken Top and Bend, Oregon real estate it would appear that the “doom and gloomers” along with the dark clouds of despair have made their exit from this particular part of Central Oregon. As of May of this year home sales have exploded up by 40 percent from May of last year.

Perhaps it might be time for you to do a bit of investigating the neighborhood of Broken Top, kick a few tires, and give strong consideration to hopping on the “Broken Top Homeowner Train.” Sometimes you’re the cream; sometimes you’re the crust; the cream is a much better decision.