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Great Outdoor Patio Tips for This Spring!

Extend Your Livable Space to the Outdoors

As spring and summer approach, most of us are dreaming of getting back outside to relax and enjoy the warm weather. Whether you recently purchased a home or you are looking for a way to spruce up your current home, often the answer is literally right behind you…in your back yard! Here are a few tips for creating an outdoor setting that extends your livable space.

Comfort is Key

The fact is, you will be more likely to utilize a space that is designed with your own needs in mind. Create an outdoor setting that allows you to do the things you do inside, outdoors. If your family likes to lounge, consider an outdoor sofa or chaise lounge with plenty of pillows. If you are the host with the most and love to entertain, consider an outdoor dining area, or an outdoor fire pit with plenty of seating. On the other hand, if you are someone who enjoys their alone time, a nice hammock can be the perfect place to relax with your favorite book.














Play to Your Surroundings

You don’t need to sacrifice privacy in order to enjoy your backyard, so be honest with yourself about the level of privacy you prefer before designing an outdoor space. If you want to create more of a private space, privacy screens are a portable way to do so, or you can opt for a vine covered trellis.

If your home is in a rural setting with a view, be sure to utilize the beautiful view as a focal point of your space. Choose neutral tones like white, grey, and natural wood colors as to not distract from the lovely setting.











Create an Extension of your Home

As mentioned earlier, your outdoor space will get more use if you are comfortable with it. One way to do this is zone your space as if it were rooms in a house. For example, create a lounge area separate from the eating area, you wouldn’t have a living room in your kitchen, and your patio space is no exception! You can also use potted plants or walkways to establish clear paths or “hallways” between spaces. This method of zoning creates the feeling of individual outdoor rooms which in turn can create a more cozy and comfortable living space.













Make it Functional

If you like to dine or cook outdoors, be sure to place the outdoor dining area close to the indoor kitchen and create a clear pathway for traveling between the two. If you are cooking or dining outside, you’ll want to be able to prep food inside and

If you are incorporating a grill, consider the proximity of the grill to other areas of your space with the goal of striking a balance between convenience and safety. When entertaining, you’ll want to be able to cook and mingle with guests, so try not to isolate the grill. At the same time, a grill can be a safety hazard for young children, so avoid placing the grill in a high traffic area.












Most importantly, aim to create an outdoor space that serves as an extension of your homes livable space. Your home should be comfortable and functional and your outdoor space should improve the way you experience your home.

These tips are brought to us by Chris Dietrich, a furniture specialist with Patio Living. For more information on outdoor furniture and patio designs, visit





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