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The Unique Lifestyle of Central Oregon

Central Oregon has a few metro areas that offer great opportunities for work and recreation. However, one of the most popular locations in the region is the Metro area of Bend. The region is well known for being a premier central location in Oregon, and it is revered for its breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountain Range.

Historically, Bend got its start as a small rural town just over a century ago. In fact, the area was little known to anyone except the Native Americans until around 1904. Today Bend, Oregon, is a thriving community metro area that offers plenty of fine dining, shopping, culture, sporting events and natural scenic beauty.

Bend has become such a thriving location that the construction starts for the region are considerably higher than the national average. The city itself has 76,000 plus residents, and when the metro areas including Broken Top are added, the area has just over 170,000 people.Once the area was a thriving mill area, now it is a hot tourist destination location. Pilot Butte is one of the areas best known scenic spots and is an ancient extinct volcanic cone.

For people who are looking for a great place to live in this region, Broken Top is premier residential location. Broken Top, Oregon, is a nestled suburb on the outskirts of metropolitan Bend, Oregon. In fact, Bend and Broken Top, have become quite popular metro locations for people who are looking to live in central Oregon.

Bend and Broken Top, Oregon

Over the last 20 years, Bend has become one of Oregon’s most well established and treasured communities. Many people who choose to locate themselves in the area, usually begin their search by looking for a great suburb area to live in.

A bulk of the newer residents are looking for an area that is close enough to the city limits of Bend, yet far enough away from the regional tourists and traffic to enjoy a more peaceful residence. Because of this, new and current residents of the area often find Broken Top, Oregon to be the perfect answer.

Because Broken Top, Oregon is a premier Golf resort community that is still within the metro area of Bend,Oregon. It offers home owners easy access to all the wonderful benefits of Bend including its important services, conveniences and amenities.

Broken Top, Oregon has become well known for its quaint and nestled suburb feeling and its perfect golf enthusiast resort lifestyle. Residents get the best of small city Bend Oregon, life with all the tranquil beauty of Broken Tops country serenity. Surrounded by the breathtaking Cascade mountains and forests that are brimming with majestic Ponderosa Pines, Broken Top Golf Community, Oregon offers the perfect location for nature lovers who still want many vital metro conveniences.

Since tourism is a major sector of Bend’s economy with all its nature and outdoor amenities, people who live in Broken Top, Oregon know that they have easy access to a whole host of outdoor sporting activities. Aside from the premier golf, other sporting activities offered include: skiing, bicycling, jogging, rafting, hiking, camping, rock climbing and nature enthusiasm.





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