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The Cascade Mountain Range covers 700 miles of the states of Oregon and Washington. The Oregon Cascade area offers the best recreational choices and opportunities since it incorporates the legendary Mt. Hood, Oregon’s highest mountain, and the Columbia River Gorge.

And the answer to your next question is YES; Mt Hood is a volcano, but hasn’t blown its top in over 200 years which was also the time when the Lewis and Clark Expedition, was close to a “birds-eye” view of this beauty. But since just the word “volcano” is enough to scare most people, best you are aware of your surroundings.

The southern tip of the Oregon Cascade range ends near Medford and Ashland. Crater Lake National Park is nearby these two cities. And even though Crater Lake Oregon has a strange history of its own; having been formed nearly 8,000 years ago, the lake itself is worth checking out since its fame is being the 7th deepest in the world.

Cabins and Rentals

The Pacific Northwest Forest Service operates a rental program for the Cascade Mountain range. And regardless of when you plan to visit and rent, spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can pretend and live the life of a “forest ranger” which is an experience you and your family will never forget; rental information is available online.

Buying A Home Or Cabin

You’ll have about 700 miles of the Cascade Mountain Range from which to decide on the purchase of a cabin, home or condo in the mountains or in small nearby towns that dot the landscape like poppies in a vacant field. The Oregon Cascade region offers some of the best snowboarding and skiing available in the state; with the exception of Mt. Bachelor that is located just outside Bend, Oregon.

On the other hand if you’re the type not used to “roughing it” yet do earnestly desire to be part of what over four million other folks enjoy each year, that solution is easily remedied. The city of Roseburg, Oregon sits on Interstate 5, and if you travel about 138 miles east of Roseburg on Highway 138, you’ll find the Steamboat Inn uniquely nestled among the towering firs of the Umpqua National Forest.

Here you’ll be just a hike away from Diamond Lake, excellent wineries, and Wildlife Safari. Fishing, and walking or hiking the dirt trails can be an exciting experience. You’ll also find swimming just minutes from the Inn.

Whether it’s a Lodge, Inn, Cabin purchase or rental, bed and breakfast or Hostelling International, the Cascade Mountain, OR experience will be stories you’ll enjoy talking about with friends and family for the rest of your life; it truly is that special.


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