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    Why would anyone want to live in paradise? Paradise nurtures the spirit and the soul. You can live in paradise if you buy a home in Ranch at the Canyons in Oregon. Ranch at the Canyons is located in Central Oregon where the scenery is exquisite. Everywhere the eye rests is a feast for your aesthetic pleasure.

    Ranch at the Canyons is situated on 1,700 acre privately owned land. If you are a person who likes beautiful landscapes, you will want to live here. There are canyons in which to take long walks or possible short walks. It is up to you to do what you want. The canyons are filled with interesting flora and fauna. There is not end to the pleasure you can experience walking through these canyons.

    Wine Country

    There are some people who just love wine. What a treat, or more precisely a dream, for some people to live next to a vineyard. You will be able to watch the grapes grow and mature as the seasons progress. You can watch the vineyard change as the grapes mature and are ready for harvest. Best of all, you can sample the wine.

    You will be tasking the wine with the knowledge of that year’s special weather, and how the changes in the climate impacted the taste of the wine. Living in Ranch at the Canyons is the closest you can get to living in Tuscany, Italy. You will have all the benefits of living in the wine country of Tuscany, yet you will be living in the United States.

    Outdoor Activities

    Ranch at the Canyons has a great deal to offer the outdoors person. For those who like fishing there are trout filled lakes. Lakes offer a vast array of pleasures. There is trout fishing of course. Canoeing and kayaking are other activities that are enjoyable. There is nothing as refreshing as swimming in mountain run off clean water. Finally, there is the timeless joy of sitting on the water’s edge and watching the calming water.

    The homes are stellar in Ranch at the Canyons. The architecture is influence by the designs from Tuscany. The homes are beautiful. The homes are designed to fit into the nature in which they are set.

    Real Estate

    The homes are ideal both inside and out. On the inside, the kitchens are state of the art. The appliances can be considered restaurant level standard. For the home chief, there is everything the finest chief needs to cook the best meals. The bathrooms are luxurious. The bathrooms have the finest fixtures. Stepping into a luxury bathtub is a pleasure. The rooms are large and spacious. They views are spectacular.

    Ranch at the Canyons in Oregon provides an ideal lifestyle. It is heaven on earth, and feels like paradise. It is a joy for the body, spirit, and mind.

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