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How to Stage Your Bend Home Like a Model Home

Home staging is extremely important when selling your home. You can highlight your home’s strengths and really show it for what it’s worth! Here’s some great ideas on how to stage your home:

De-Clutter & Clean Up

A well staged home starts with a thorough deep cleaning and de-cluttering. Start with polishing every surface and dust things you normally wouldn’t. Be sure to vacuum, sweep and mop all of the floors in your home and spot clean any areas that might need it! A great tip to make your home smell and feel its cleanest is to wash and clean all of your linens, curtains and blankets in the home. De-cluttering is just as important as cleaning, make sure all of your unnecessary items are packed up and put in the garage to make sure the home feels as big as it is and looks as neat and tidy as possible.


Ample Lighting

Lift the spirits of potential buyers this fall and winter with some extra indoor lighting. Add bright and warm bulbs to your home’s lamps and fixtures. Turn on all lighting throughout the house before every showing. If one of your home’s rooms receives ample light from a window, open up the shades as wide as possible.


Decorate with Candles

Not only do candles have a pleasing scent, they are also the easiest decorating tool for any room and are extremely versatile. They will look great on each side of your bathroom vanities, as part of a dining room center piece, or as decorative pieces on end tables or even your coffee table.


Curb Appeal

The very first thing buyers are going to see is obviously your landscaping and exterior of your home. There are so many little projects that can influence how they view your home as they’re walking up to the door. Mowing your lawn, trimming bushes, removing cobwebs and keeping the front porch cleaned and clutter free are some important projects to start working on if you’re in the process of selling your home.


Stage Your Backyard

The home’s interior often takes the center stage when sprucing up to sell, but your home’s exterior gives the first impression when potential buyers arrive. A well-appointed backyard may seal the deal, whether or not the prospects are on the fence. Try setting up a small outdoor dining area on the patio to create an eating and entertainment area!




Whether you’re staying or selling, knowing the value of your home can be very beneficial. You might be selling your home, refinancing, making improvements, or getting a line of credit, you should always be-in-the-know.

If you’ve been thinking of doing any of those things with your home, we purchased access to an up-to-date Central Oregon home sales estimator tool that tells you what price your home will sell for based on neighborhood sales data.

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