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How to Stay Sane at Home This Winter

Without knowing what the next few months will look like, planning ahead can be a challenge; however, one thing we can probably count on is a lot of time at home. With cooler temps in the forecast, now is a great time to start preparing for a cozy winter indoors.

If you’re not in the mood to tackle a major home renovation, here are a few simple ways you can spruce up your space and make it the ultimate sanctuary from the cold. 

Lighten Things Up – Lighting can make or break a home, so one of the best ways you can improve the overall feel of your space is to do a lighting audit and make sure you have adequate light in each room. An easy and inexpensive way to brighten up your space is to add a lamp, a sconce or two, or some LED candles. 

Say It With Style One way to make coming home more enjoyable and increase your curb appeal is to start with one of the first things you see: your house number. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas for the avid DIY’er but, if that’s not up your alley, etsy is a great resource for custom signage and – BONUS – you get to support a small business in the process!

Photo credit : One Project Closer

Give Your Entryway a Makeover – Having a place to hang bags, coats, and scarfs, as well as storage for shoes, when you first walk in the house can make life so much easier, and there are plenty of attractive ways to accomplish this! Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Install wainscoting and hooks for easy access to every day cold weather essentials 

Photo credit : Shanty2Chic

2. A simple bench with baskets underneath offers an attractive alternative for shoe storage

Photo credit : The Citizenry

3. Create a custom built in to house backpacks, shoes, gloves, etc – this one is from The DIY Mommy

Cross a Few Things Off Your Honey-Do List – tackle easy repairs like replacing burnt out light bulbs or reinforcing loose curtain rods and wrap up any unfinished projects from earlier in the year. 

Give Your Home Office Some Love – whether you’re still working from home or just need a “hub” to help you keep your family organized, having a dedicated space where calendars, schedules, and files live will help take the dread out of your daily to do list.  

Photo credit : The Beauty Dojo

Add Some Personality – your home is an extension of you, and sharing your story with family and friends by putting photos and sentimental items on display creates an inviting atmosphere and makes for great conversation, so dust off those old home run baseballs and give them a special space in your home!

Invest in Organization – thanks to the women behind the KonMari Method and The Home Edit, there is a huge movement across America to maximize our spaces for optimal livability and functionality. This is hugely beneficial in areas like your pantry, refrigerator, and closets, but all rooms of your home could more than likely benefit from some tidying up and custom organization. 

Photo credit : Cecilia Moyer Blog

Create a Hobby Corner – whether it’s reading books, watching movies, listening to old vinyl’s or scrapbooking, creating a dedicated space to enjoy your favorite activities will ensure you get to spend more time doing what you love! 

Learn a New Skill – If you’ve been wanting to learn a new language, work your way through a cookbook, or pick up a new musical instrument, this could be a great time to devote to learning or refining a new skill/interest.  

Make Your Bedroom an Oasis – invest in luxe/layered bedding, warm ambient lighting, live plants, and your favorite self-care goodies to make every day at home feel like a vacation!

Photo Credit : Camille Styles

Create a Vision Board – if 2020 has gotten you in a slump and you’re having a hard time looking forward to the coming year with hope, take a few moments to sit down and write out dreams or goals you have for the year ahead, and then create a plan for how you’re going to tackle them!

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