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Is It The Right Time To Sell?


One of the most important things to be aware of when selling your home is equity. In a perfect world your property would sell at a price that would cover the remainder of your mortgage and provide some cash to put towards your next home. What happens to the equity in your home when you sell it? When the market value of your home is greater than the amount you owe on your mortgage and any other debts secured by the home, the difference is your home’s equity. Selling a home in which you have equity allows you to pay off your mortgage and keep any remaining funds.

Time Of Year

Believe it or not choosing which season to sell your home can and does make a difference. Late spring and early summer are generally the best time to sell your home. What is the slowest time of year for home sales? Even in normal years, the housing market slows in the fall and winter—and prices usually decline from earlier in the year—as many families don’t want to move during the school year and buyers avoid shopping during the holiday season

The Sellers Market is Thriving

One way to find out whether now is a good time to sell is to look at the market as a whole. What do you need to be looking for and what even is a sellers market? Well to put it simply a sellers market means that demand for homes in your specific area is high and inventory ( the amount of people selling) is low.

You’ve Outgrown Your Home

Now I know its not always possible to plan when you’re going to sell your home. SO many things can push a homeowner to selling. You may feel you have outgrown your home, or your home has outgrown you! If you are feeling cramped in your starter home — or have noticed that you don’t have enough storage for your belongings — you might be outgrowing your home. This often happens as people grow to appreciate new hobbies, take on extra work, or simply want more room to live. Whatever the reason may be you are planning to sell your home its valid, and we are here to help!

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