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Mill Quarter – Bend, Oregon

About Mill Quarter

The Mill Quarter community sits in Bend, which is a metropolis of Oregon. The population there is only approximately 76,000. This is a community that prides itself with its ‘outdoorsy’ life style. It houses a heap of outdoor sports, such as mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, skiing and golfing.

The community does not only offer sporting hobbies, but contemplation as well. This is shown with the wonderful vistas around, such as mountains or lakes. The trees here appear to reach for the sky. Some residents say that the smell of leaves, wood, and fresh water fills their spirit, with the kind of serenity they have never experienced.

This makes sense because the air quality there is quite higher than the national average. The estimated or median home here is about $287,000, and most of the residents have Bachelor’s degrees. The crime rate here is about half of the national average, making it quite a safe place to call home.

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The community of Bend rated this high school a five, and it is one of the oldest schools in Oregon. The name of the school is Bend Senior High School. This is the kind of school that values high school life and education. The Residents say the teachers are great, and their kids can’t stop raving about the clubs they have joined. The clubs available include a Jazz Club, Bowling, Chamber Ensemble, Equestrian, Girl Empowerment and Archery among many others.

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The High Lakes Elementary School is the next school worth mentioning, because it has been rated a 10 by the Great Schools Organization for quality teaching, and efficient learning. Some parents mention that some of the teachers go through great lengths to try to involve every parent in the early education of their children.

This made some parents feel that these instructors truly cared about a full education. This school has actually received the prestigious award of “Outstanding” given to them by the Oregon Department of Education going on six years now.

Cascade Middle School is another school that should be mentioned. They have a very successful “Humanities” department that stretches from sixth to eighth grades. Many students and parents have found this program enriching, by furthering the students’ understanding of the world, arts and culture.

What To Do?

Aside from the beautiful views, outdoor sports and the shopping centers surrounding the Mill Quarter community…what else can be enjoyed? Well, if you love to ski, you can visit one of the largest skiing mountains in the Pacific Northwest, which is Mt Bachelor. This place offers fun for all ages, and not just the extreme sportsperson.

There is also a beautiful waterfall nearby that descends about 286 feet into a canyon, which is called: Salt Creek Falls. While there a few great parks here, there is also an immense forest named Deschutes National Forest where you can hike, or just look as there are countless specimens of wildlife.

There is the Wanderlust tours, which actually take the tourist into caves or volcano sightseeing. Just in case that is not enough, what about natural spring water? Not bottled… But pristine living water, there are quite a few springs in Belknap Hot Springs where you can enjoy mineral spring pools, or just drink this refreshing and alkaline water. This and many more things make Mill Quarter in Bend, Oregon a true place to call home.