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Real Estate Questions – Should You Fix Your Home Before Selling It?


By Birtola Garmyn Real Estate

One common Real Estate question which most buyers these days have is if they should fix their homes before selling them and the answer to this question is yes.

Here’s why:

#1 – Great Return On Investment

Let’s say your home needs $5,000 worth of work including painting, new carpeting and some renovation.

Instead of putting off that investment in your home you should get the work done NOW because, a typical homebuyer will see the work that needs to be done and ask you for a credit so they can do the work themselves later on.

Why risk accepting less money for your home? Make the repairs to your home now and eliminate having to sell your home at a discount.

#2 – Be Proud Of Your Home

Fixing your home before you sell it is also a great move since it will enable you to be proud of your home, instead of having to apologize or make excuses for the work which might need to be done when you sell it.

#3 – More Buyers Will Take Notice

When you invest the time and money into making your Bend Oregon Home the best possible product you can sell, buyers will take notice, and your home will sell quicker compared to sitting on the market longer since there is work which needs to be done.

For more tips on why you should sell your Bend Oregon Home now contact the Birtola Garmyn Real Estate team by calling us at (541) 312-9449 or click here to contact us through our website.

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