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Shevlin Commons – Bend, Oregon

Shevlin Commons is a beautiful neighborhood nestled in one of Oregon’s most sought after cities. Bend is a wonderful community to call home and you’ll find the designers of Shevlin Commons have created a neighborhood that compliments the city and its natural surroundings like no other. This energy efficient and upscale area is a perfect community to call home.

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Green, Green and More Green

The green homes in Shevlin Commons are like no other. These uniquely designed homes blend in with nature. Better yet each home has its very own look and is sustainable in design. Energy efficiency and the house as a whole system has played into each feature. Each home fits beautifully into the environment in which is stands.

Shevlin Commons - Bend, OR | Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty

There are 66 lots on 43 amazing acres. So, while there is community there is also privacy. The neighborhood is absolutely stunning and lies on the west side which is highly desired. Each home has used local materials and has exceeded Energy Star standards.

The artistic, energy saving homes within only compliment instead of disrupting the natural setting. You’ll find dedicated open spaces throughout the neighborhood and a view that will calm any spirit. The designed neighborhood allows you to view the Cascade mountains and incredible Northwest trees, wildlife, and built environment.

A Community Like No Other

Shevlin Commons lies next to the popular Shevlin Park. This outdoor playground has close to 700 acres where people can do whatever they love best. There are jogging trails, hiking paths, mountain biking trails, and more. For those who love fishing or even cross country skiing you can do that and more in this natural wonderland. There are toys, picnic tables and something for every age and interest. Children as well as adults will find memories galore close to home over and over again. It has been created and designed to keep nature in its most natural state.

A Rare Jewel

Shevlin Commons is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the Central Oregon area. Rarely will you find a neighborhood that has been so creatively designed and designed for sustainability.

Residents who call this neighborhood home can leave their front door and be on a hiking trail within seconds. And on the way they will find a bench to rest on or aspen grove to wander through. This neighborhood seems to offer both community in the truest sense as well as privacy. Rarely do you see that happen.

Green built homes that have little to no impact on the natural environment are built within this amazing place to call home. It draws people from all over the Northwest. Home prices reflect the thought out architectural design, the beauty and quality both the home and setting provide.