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One question I often get is, “How do I make my home standout in TODAY’S market?”

I would love to give you a short list of things to do that will definitely sell your home, sadly I haven’t found that yet. But there are some fairly simple things you can do, that surprisingly, many agents and sellers aren’t doing – but these few things can really help!

  1. Professional Marketing – Hire someone with experience to help in every aspect of marketing your home. Highlight all of the best features and selling points specific to your home (ask your agent what these are if you aren’t sure). Don’t let an agent with a smart phone take your pictures then throw them up on the MLS. That is done far too often. Even if your home is worth less than the area average, professional marketing is a must!

  2. Make sure the first online picture is your best picture and that your curb appeal is at its best. Grab some flowers, stain the fence, sweep off the porch, edge the grass – whatever it takes to put your best foot forward.

  3. Have a sit down with your agents and discuss what to do before a showing: What windows should you open? What things should you move around? Feel free to leave pictures of your property or building plans out, or whatever you think a buyer would appreciate. I have stood next to countless buyers as they look over the pictures of the backyard in all it’s springtime glory or a beautiful sunset.

  4. The 3 main factors to consider before a showing are light, space, and scent. Am I as bright as I can be, as open and clutter free as I can be, and do I smell okay? I tell all my sellers, “Most people in Central Oregon love animals, but that doesn’t mean they love yours.” Pick up, freshen up, and brighten up.

  5. Lastly, both agent and seller should keep communicating and working together to make any necessary adjustments or improvements to your listing. Both sides want the same thing, so if things take a little longer than planned, take another look, sit down and talk it through, and in our case, have the marketing team do what we call a “relook & refresh”. Sometimes you can catch something in the pictures, verbiage, or marketing that you didn’t before. Keep improving as the listing goes on.

If you’d like to speak with a member of our team for more information, give us a call at 541-312-9449

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