Team Birtola Garmyn’s High End Marketing Package

Team Birtola Garmyn’s
High End Marketing Package
begins with the study that 9 out of 10 buyers in your price range
start their property search on the internet…

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This is why at we here at Team Birtola Garmyn have a major emphasis on maximizing our search engine optimization (SEO)
and displaying high end homes in way to attract our High End Buyers on our websites, which receive over 1,000,000+ hits per month.

We have always hired and provided a professional photographer
who specializes not only in high definition real estate photographs, but also in staging the home to shed light on the home’s full potential. High end photographs, including twilight shots, a high end video, and a 24-7 “Open House Virtual Tour Movie” are always the standard …

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*** Question is: Do you want to be ahead of the curve and have unique marketing that will not go unnoticed in today’s real estate market..?


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We here at Birtola-Garmyn High Desert Realty are not not the
#1 Team in Oregon because of luck….
We are #1 because we are innovative, aggressive,dedicated and by keeping things fresh with the newest technology available to real estate!!

We like to find an edge to make our high end listings stand out from the crowd by maximizing the exposure for sellers and viewing pleasure for potential for our qualified buyers!


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This is why we are now proud to introduce our new approach and technology available for our High End Marketing Package:

Now instead of mounted booms where photos and video are limited; we now are using new photographic technology to capture aerial shots and videos allowing the view to engage and see their possible new home in a high definition perspective in relation to their neighbors, parks, and surrounding community amenities and landmarks. Our prediction is that this line of aerial photography continue to create a buzz and will be the new standard. Both home owner and potential buyers will grow to expect this level of marketing a home in the price range.


The photography is unlike anything available due to the ability to capture views and angles that a boom or a traditional aircraft just can not!



*** With today’s spin on social media and the hype of this new engaging technology the potential buyer will most likely see the video of your property before they even contact their own realtor to gather more information!!! ***


The best part is that ALL of this is included at NO additional

cost to you when you list your property with Birtola Garmyn

High Desert Realty!


So again, if you want to be ahead of the curve and have unique marketing that will not go unnoticedThen give us a call and we will make your property SOAR in today’s real estate market!






Presented By: Jim Birtola and Ruben Garmyn
Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty
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