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The Spring Housing Market in Bend, Oregon is Ramping Up! 6 Insights For Sellers Like YOU!

The Spring Housing Market in Bend, Oregon is Ramping Up! 6 InsightsFor Sellers Like YOU!

The spring housing market in Central Oregon is ready to get into the swing of things for spring 2014! The following will be 6 insights that you will need as a seller to maximize the selling abilities of your home!

1. RIGHT NOW= A Fantastic Time to Sell!

You may be asking, “why now?”. Well here is why, the winter home selling season was down this year due to the polar vortex! Since the winter was down this year there is pent-up demand from buyers who have been waiting for better weather to brave the house hunt! Mortgage rates are still showing to be at historic lows, making buyers¬† ready to buy and hit the streets!

2. The Numbers/Prices Say Sell NOW!

It is projected that 60% of all the homes that will be bought and sold in 2014 will be from May to August! Sellers who choose to put their home on the market at the beginning of the selling season will be upping their chances of obtaining a winning offer before buyers turn their attention to starting school again in September!

3. Price Your Home Right!

This is hugely important to the selling of your home! It may in fact be the MOST IMPORTANT part of the entire process! Many metros in the country have seen double digit price increases in the past year! However this last quarter, prices began to slow nationally! Pricing is a critical component to getting your home sold! With the market fluctuating, sellers need to look at comps of similar homes in their area! Relying on the expertise of your agent to set the price appropriately! Recency is also a factor when you are looking into comps on your home, sellers should look back no more than 60 days! The sale prices of homes that sold recently will paint a picture of what you are to expect, rather than looking at homes that were sold (or have yet to sell) 6 months ago.

4. The Bidding Wars Are NOT Back!

Bidding wars were extremely common in the summer of 2013, however we are currently hearing less of this today! Sellers cannot bank on getting two or three offers at once on their property. There is however a good chance that sellers who list their home in early spring will obtain a win/win offer for both themselves as well as the buyers of their property!

5. It Pays To Be Ahead Of The Curve!

Are you looking to get a jump on the competition out there? Right now we are on the absolute cusp of the prime selling and buying season! SELLERS WHO LIST SOON=LESS COMPETITION, rather than those who will be listing their homes in May or June which is when more houses flood the market!

6. Make Your Home Pop Off The Computer (Or Smartphone) Screen!

This goes with having to be said, but i suppose we will anyways! We live in a mobile area where a huge percentage of buyers use smart phones to start their home search online. That percentage is expected to rise this year as more buyers take advantage of the easy access to the wealth of information online! Tap into this trend by making your home pop off those computer screens! Fantastic homes that have mediocre quality photos will be discarded almost immediately and receive less showings! Sellers should take the time to work with their agents to beef up their online listing so that the quality of their home can jump off the computer screen and capture the buyers attention!

MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING!! We at Birtola Garmyn take this to levels that no others will!We are innovative, aggressive, dedicated and keep things fresh by keeping up with the newest technology available to market your home! There are key ingredients to devising a marketing strategy that will help ensure that you receive the full potential available to you through the sale of your home! This well planned strategy can also minimize the time that your home is on the market!

Other than unbeatable marketing, what can Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty do for you? Our team is comprised of local real estate professionals committed to selling some of the most desired homes in Bend, Oregon! Selling these “right addresses” is the mission of Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty. Let us know what you are looking for! You can take a look at all of our listings by visiting our website, or you can contact us personally by calling 541-312-9449541-312-9449! We would love to speak to you about all of the options we have to offer!

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