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Top 7 Reasons We See Properties Not Sell & Come Off the Market

Properties come off the market for a variety of reasons, and not selling your home can be very frustrating. However, the thing to do now is evaluate your experience while things are still fresh in your mind.

Here are the top 7 reasons we see properties come off the market without selling:

1. Packaging – This includes pictures, verbiage, and emphasis on the right features. Was your home promoted in the best way possible?

ex. Do you have a great kitchen or fantastic outdoor living area? Were the key selling points of your home highlighted in your marketing?

2. Marketing – creativity, time taken, customized plans, etc. Was your home advertised on all the right platforms?

ex. In all likelihood your home was placed on local MLS, the zillows and redfins of the internet, but were you placed on multiple MLS’s?  Was your property advertised through targeted social media campaigns and local ads? How was it marketed within the real estate office you chose?

3. Exposure – was time, energy, and money spent to get your home in front of the most people and create demand?

ex. It takes a team with expertise and a significant budget to sell homes. After all, we are usually talking at least a few hundred thousand dollars, it deserves the time and effort of a group to sell a home properly.

4. Negotiations – if you received an offer, were you represented properly?

ex. There are several negotiating times during a real estate transaction. Did you have a professional help as you were negotiating price and terms? inspection repairs? and possibly after you received the appraisal results?

5. Condition – was time taken to evaluate your property for potential improvements?

ex. The first thing we all notice whether in person or online is the curb appeal. Do you need a touch of color on the porch? was the landscaping in good shape? does the trim need fresh paint?

6. Knowledge – was your agent knowledgeable of your property, area, and today’s market trends?

ex. Did he/she understand how to price your home in this market? What to feature to appeal to the most buyers, when to list, and where to list – did they know what to do and when to do it?

7. Price – after all of those have evaluated, you can see if your home even had a shot to sell. Then, and only then, will you be able to determine if the issue was the price, because that is not always the answer. Was your value justified by the best comparables?

ex. Pricing is all about factoring in what makes your home different from properties that have sold around it. Did your agent take into account that extra square footage? recent flooring upgrade? or your storage shed in order to support the best price possible?

Take an honest audit of your listing. We would love to walk you through the process and give you our advice on what areas can be improved. 


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You deserve to love where you live, we’ll help get you there.

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