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Vandevert Ranch – Deschutes County, Oregon

About Vandevert Ranch

This unique community maybe just right for you if you value your privacy, want to raise a family and or horses, yet value friendship of like neighbors. If you are seeking something very rural and quiet, yet with close amenities of world class golf, skiing, fishing, horseback riding, hunting and a close knit community with today’s security demands, this is the place. Most of the 15 other owners of homes on the property are successful business or education leaders.

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Real Estate 

Most have come from western United States in the last 15 years and have great private and community values. There are only three available spacious properties in this unique community currently.
Most of the homes are high end log homes which preserve the rich history of the ranch and many of the owners help support the local High Desert Museum. Each of the 20 land plots share 350 common acres along both banks of the Deschutes River and the property can be seen on the website. Some residents use this beautiful area south of Bend, OR as getaway or vacation homes, but most are year round residents.

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The ranch is close to the Sunriver Resort available amenities and the airport has a lighted 5500 foot runway, open year round, with daily commercial service from Portland, Seattle  San Francisco and Salt Lake City if you needed air connections for business or travel or have your own aircraft.


This property obviously attracts only high end residents, with few openings and no turn over. The average home is just under $3 million and has everything you could specify. The property is maintained by a property management company and overseen by the Vandevert Ranch Association’s board of directors, who are homeowners elected by all the homeowners at the annual meeting.

The common areas are maintained by experienced ranch employees who care for property. A staff animal caretaker takes care of horses and dogs belonging to the owners. Facilities include a stable, paddocks, riding area, pasture and 8 miles of riding trails for the horse enthusiast.

No serious disagreements between owners has ever disrupted life on the ranch as all owners show a great deal of respect for each other. No outside company or organization has any rights to use ranch lands ensuring privacy.
For fishermen and kids, the property has a 3.2 acre private fishing pond, kept stocked with rainbow trout. The Little Deschutes River runs through the property. The Crosswater Golf course neighbors the ranch and owners can choose to become members. Two more highly regarded golf courses are close by.