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What Are Multi-Generational Homes?

Multi-generational Home

By Team Birtola High Desert Realty

As the Baby Boomer Generation continues to age, one type of home many home buyers are turning to is multi-generational homes.

What is a multi-generational home?

It’s a property with a mother in law suite, granny flat, or space for your parents, relatives or loved ones to live with you as they age.

Becoming More Common

In 2015 it’s not hard to know at least one person who is caring for their parents or loved ones as they age.

Multi-generational homes or “dual-living homes” are available in the Central Oregon area, and the investment is well worth it, especially if you want your loved ones to have a sense of independence while living in the same home with you.

Most multi-generational homes are more than just a room; they have their own kitchen, laundry area and living space, giving the occupant a sense of independence.  

Tips for Buying a Multi-Generational Home

If you plan on buying a multi-generational home with family members, here’s how to buy a home everyone in your family will love:

  • Include the family in your decisions – This should include siblings so everyone feels like the best interest of parents or loved ones is taken care of.
  • Treat your elderly parents or loved ones as adults – Even though you’re buying a multi-generational home and they may have given up some independence already, it’s important to continue to treat your loved ones as adults and not children.
  • Discuss wants and needs before starting your home search – Last of all, before you start searching for a multi-generational home, make sure the wants and needs of all family members who will be living in the home are heard.

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