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    What does it cost to sell a home? – KTVZ News Channel 21



    The biggest costs to sell are commission and closing costs. If, as a seller, you choose to do a pre-listing inspection, that will be a few hundred dollars, if you repair anything prior to listing or during the inspection period that will factor in as well. But beyond that, there aren’t hidden fees. Most of the time a buyer will pay for their own inspection, they pay for an appraisal if they need one, and buyers do pay their own version of closing costs as well.

    I do strongly suggest you get a copy of the net sheet as soon as you can. That will break down nearly every potential expense and you will see an estimate of what will go into your pocket at the end of the deal.

    You can check out our flexible commissions at, as a general rule you can estimate your closing costs by multiplying your home price by .6% ($300,000 x .006 = $1800) JUST AN ESTIMATE, and any other potentials costs you should talk over with your agent.

    No agent will be able to tell you exactly what it will costs to get the deal done, but you should have a very good idea upfront and then that number should become more and more concrete as the deal moves forward.



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