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What If My Home is Not Selling? – News Channel 21

While there isn’t always an obvious reason why a home has not sold, most of the time we can point to a few things. But what can you do if your home hasn’t sold in the amount of time you had hoped or anticipated? Here are a few ideas:


  • Get a fresh set of eyes on the home – have a few different people look over the photos, description, and your results so far to see how you can improve your listing. We have a team here that will look everything over every so often and try to look at it from a buyer’s perspective. What do they see first, is the description clear, does it emphasize what buyers want, and is there anything that might be turning buyers off? You need a team doing this, because it is easy for one or two people to miss something.

  • Sellers: switch things up! Refresh your curb appeal and get your agent to take a new photo of the front of your home. This can attract new buyers, as well as grab the attention of previous viewers. The same old house, whether in person or online, can be easily looked over, so at minimum, refresh the curb appeal and the first picture.

  • Communication – you and your agent both want the same thing – to sell your home – so keep the communication going! It is common for an agent to stop calling if they feel the chances of the home selling as it currently stands is small. Shame on them, but that is the case most of the time. They should be checking in with a call and email from time to time; and you, the seller, are welcome to as well. Keep talking, keep making adjustments, and if you have an agent and team you trust, listen to their advice. Each side has the same goal – sell the property for as much as possible in a quick, but reasonable, amount of time.

A few other small things you can do:

  • Ask your agent to re-run the number on your property based on what has sold right before or during the listing – get an up to the day view of your price.

  • Small, systematic price reductions. This refreshes the listing on all major sites and shoots it out to agents and potential buyers. Some people think this makes you look desperate, but the worst that can happen is you get a low offer, you counter it, and then if they don’t get serious – you reject it.

If all else fails, give it time. The market is hot, but every city, neighborhood, and home are different, and sometimes it just takes a bit of time to find the right fit.

Thinking of selling your home? We’d love to help! Call 541-312-9449 to speak with one of our agents today.

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