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What Not To Do When Buying Bend Oregon Homes

Bend Oregon Home Buyers

By Birtola Garmyn Real Estate

You’ve been shopping for homes online and are ready to finally make the “jump” from being a renter to a home buyer, but are you really prepared for the home buying process?

In today’s post, we will provide you with insight on some of the things you should avoid when you finally buy a Bend Oregon Home.

#1 – Not Researching The Neighborhood

Although you may be excited about buying a home in Bend, you have to do your due diligence and think about the neighborhood in which you want to buy first.

You should ask the police for statistics on crime in the neighborhood, find out how close your home is to schools, visit the neighborhood in the morning and evening, and talk with neighbors in the area to see if they are people you will enjoy living around.

#2 – Not Going With A Local Lender

Yes, it’s easy to choose a great mortgage interest rate, but is the mortgage lender you’ve chosen based locally in Bend?

Make sure you choose a lender who has an office right here in town, because they will be able to answer all of your questions, comments, and concerns that may come up as you are applying for a mortgage loan and buying a home.

#3 – Not Thinking About Your Home Renovation Budget

Lastly, you may find that the home is going to need some renovations before you move in.

It’s best to think about and plan for the work which needs to be done in advance, and add an additional $10,000 to your home renovation budget so you don’t run out of money and have to put the renovation on hold. 

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