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When Selling, What are the Most Important Steps to Be Aware of? – KTVZ News Channel 21


Here is the basic timeline for listing a home:

– Interviews with agents: Make sure to ask about their sales history and what they offer in terms of marketing.

– Initial Prep: Getting to know your agent, he/she getting to know your property, possibly an inspection, deciding on what to accentuate, and fine tuning the marketing. Make sure you have at least 2 things to feature.

– Attracting buyers: Keep communication open, adjust based on buyer feedback, keep your home as neat as you can.

– Nurturing: Inspection, appraisal, working with escrow. After you have accepted an offer ask your agent about the next steps, make sure you know what is coming down the pipe, make sure you are getting the real story on timing and the buyer’s mindset

– Closing: The title company will be in touch with the when and where of signing. Keep in mind closing and signing are not the same thing. You will sign with the title company most likely days before closing. Then, on the day of closing, once the deed records at the courthouse, you will have until 5pm on that day to vacate. You will most likely get your money that day, or the next business day.

There is a whole lot that goes into these deals, you really just need an agent with recent experience that knows how to communicate. If you know what’s going on now and what is headed your way, you will be just fine. Even when things get a little rough in real estate deals, if realistic expectations are set and communication continues, almost everything can be worked out.


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