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    Winterizing Your Home – Is Yours Ready?

    We’ve compiled a 4 Part Audit to determine your home’s preparedness and to help you protect your biggest investment.

    This year, the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a milder winter for Oregon and, if correct, this is great news for winter tourism in Central Oregon and the local economy. This is also a good sign for real estate, so we thought we would provide a few tips to help you better protect your home.

    [Exterior] Home:

    1. Roof – look for damaged shingles, clean out your gutters and roof of debris, and be sure water has a clear path away from your home.
    2. Siding – Check for gaps and inconsistencies where water could compromise the integrity of your siding 
    3. Windows / Doors – ensure all windows are working properly, check weather stripping, seals, & interior/exterior caulking 
    4. Misc Ext – inspect outdoor lighting for loose fittings or bad bulbs, add insulated covers to any hose bibs, and check additional exterior features such as the dryer vent & heating systems for gaps or poor seals as they enter your home.

    [Exterior of Home To Do’s (clean debris out of gutters, etc) ]

    • ______________________________________________________
    • ______________________________________________________
    • ______________________________________________________

    [Exterior] Yard:

    1. Irrigation -Blow Out Sprinkler Lines
    2. Lawn – Keep lawn well kept before cold season by aerating, fertilizing, and mowing your lawn one last time before the colder weather moves in. This will help your lawn bounce back quicker in the Spring.
    3. Furniture – Store exterior furniture, cushions, etc inside, if possible, to avoid damage
    4. Trees – check the trees surrounding your home for stability, and have any weak or rotting trees removed. They pose a major threat to your home, automobiles, and personal safety. It’s much cheaper to have a tree taken down than to repair your home once a tree collapses under the weight of heavy snow.
    5. Spray for bugs – inside and out.  As temperatures begin to cool, insects will seek warmth wherever they can find it, and your home may be prime real estate!
    6. Supplies – Make sure you have a snow shovel and ice melt readily accessible BEFORE the snow hits so you’re not left scrambling when you’re headed out the door to work

    [Yard To Do’s (irrigation lines, store furniture, etc) ]

    • ______________________________________________________
    • ______________________________________________________
    • ______________________________________________________

    [Interior] Living Area:

    1. Vents / Filters – clean or replace your filters and vents, also consider a permanent furnace filter for cleaner air and less waste.
    2. Blinds / Window Coverings – Blinds and/or window coverings can provide insulation for windows during cold nights
    3. Dust your ceiling fan blades for a clean spin.  Keep in mind, many newer-model ceiling fans come equipped with a reverse switch, allowing you to change the direction of airflow. Reversing this in the colder months forces the warm air down, potentially reducing energy costs and keeping you warmer.
    4. Service your heat – whatever your heat source is: furnace, propane fireplace, or log stove, consider a servicing or sweep, and make sure you stock up on any materials you may need to keep your home cozy and warm.

    [Living Area To Do’s (Clean filters, dust, etc) ]

    • ______________________________________________________
    • ______________________________________________________
    • ______________________________________________________

    [Interior] Crawl Space:

    1. Vents / Foundation – make sure to cover your crawl space vents and look for any significant foundation cracks or damage – if you see anything suspect, we suggest you call a professional to address the issue(s).
    2. Crawl Space – if you’re feeling brave, go below your home to ensure the vapor barrier is covering all bare ground. Look for signs of moisture and ensure there are no unwanted “visitors”, aka animals, down there. Be sure to bring a flashlight and a mask for dust.

    [Crawl Space To Do’s (Clean filters, dust, etc) ]

    • ______________________________________________________
    • ______________________________________________________
    • ______________________________________________________

    While we still have some beautiful Fall days left, we suggest you jump on these as soon as you can. This will save you time and headache, as well as protect your home!

    Winterizing Your Home Download

    Thanks for reading, and as always, our team is ready and available to chat about any real estate needs you may have, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call! 541-312-9449

    Or feel free to click here to how much your home is worth!

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