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Your Checklist for Purchasing a Home

 Let’s Take Some of The Confusion Out of The Planning Process

Your Checklist for Buying a Home
Your Checklist for Buying a Home

So you’ve made the decision to buy a new home.  The old one is too small, or in the wrong location, or makes a perfect rental.  No matter what the reasons, your decision is to move forward and move on.  Although not meant to be a comprehensive and all-encompassing guide, below a few steps that will at least help you get organized and get started.


    1. What kind of neighborhood do you want?
    2. Is commuting distance to work, schools, shopping, etc. important?
    3. What are the features you absolutely need at your new home?
    4. How many bed/bathrooms, AC, exposure to sun, yard size, basement, attic……. Make sure you know how much space your furniture needs!
    5. What kind of insurance will you need, depending on the area?
    6. What will your property taxes be?



    1. Do you know exactly how much money you can spend?
    2. Know what that amounts to in terms of monthly payments.
    3. Be ready to disclose all your finances to your lender.
    4. Determine the amount of down payment you can afford.
    5. Get pre-approved.



    1. Go with someone who is local and has been so for a good while. Nothing beats a realtor who knows the area like the back of his/her hand.
    2. Get some recommendations from friends and neighbors. If you are moving to an area that’s new to you, refer to the web.
    3. What real estate agency has the most marketing resources?
    4. Does this person fit your personality and does he/she ask the right questions?
    5. The first house they suggest to you will tell you that they understood completely what you asked them to find for you and your family. If it’s not right, start over explaining, or look for a different person altogether.
    6. The right realtor will have to work with you very closely, and, if they’re right, will become a trusted friend.


  1. MAKING A CHOICE! Time to look at some homes.

    • Don’t just leave it all to your realtor. There are so many resources online these days that you can take a look at what’s out there from the convenience of your own home. Check out homes for sale in Central Oregon right now by visiting


  1. YOU FOUND IT! Now what?

    1. Now you and your realtor write up an offer and start the negotiations.
      • Your experienced realtor will be your voice and know the tools you can use to get the price to a level you need it to be.
      • During this time, make sure your realtor can reach you at all times to review counter offers and come to an agreement.
    2. After your offer was accepted, the house has to be inspected. You should be present for this to see exactly what the inspector sees.
    3. Determine with your realtor, the inspector, and your lender, what repairs need to be made immediately, and what could wait a few years.
    4. Does the seller offer a home warranty?
    5. Make any necessary adjustments to your offer, and get approval from the seller.


  1. CLOSING on your new home.

    1. Lucky for you, all the tedious paperwork will be done by your realtor, your lender, and your title company. Together they make sure that all records are correct, the title is clear, and the money transactions will be taken care of.
    2. Do you have to read all those papers? Well…. your lawyer would say yes. However, your escrow officer will explain all the documents at the time of closing.


  1. MOVE-IN DAY!!

    • Hopefully you’ll have lots of friends to help you.
    • Get a deal from the local pizza place for all your helpers.



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